Chairman’s Message

Higher education is the touchstone by which the progress of a nation is measured in today’s times. As the country stands poised on the brink of an exciting future, higher education is as important as administrative policy. Today, the society, the academia and the industry need to stand together and share their commitment, enthusiasm and expertise in order to create a responsible, progressive and skilled citizenry. In keeping with this very spirit, Our institute has been focusing on providing all-round, relevant and comprehensive education to students for the last three decades in an environment that impresses upon ethics, values and mutual respect.

we like to create an environment where the students identify and nurture their inherent potential. We realize that we have the responsibility to shape –up the future of budding and to make them thorough professionals. Here we have intellectuals, who groom future citizens of a developing India; a India that is capable of leading the world. We aim to achieve our objective by incorporating innovative changes in the conventional pedagogy. 

Wishing you all the very best in all times to come.

Chairman – Smt. Padhmaa Shetty